Seller Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Selling a Property?

Who typically sells to your company?

  • Someone who needs to sell their house, like yesterday
  • Maybe for whatever reason you don’t have enough equity and you can’t afford to pay realtors’ fees, closing costs, etc.
  • Someone who owns their home free and clear and wants to turn their home into an investment without the hassle of being a landlord

How does the process work?

The process is simple. Complete this form letting us know more about your property. Once we make contact and review all the home selling options, we put a transaction together that is a Win-Win for both parties. Then we schedule closing with a local real estate attorney who prepares all the agreements and makes sure all the paperwork is properly filed. 

What type of houses do you generally buy?

We prefer to buy single family homes that are in good condition or just need light repairs. We are not flippers or rehabbers but are happy to refer those to other reputable companies in the area.