Become a Home Owner

Our lease purchase program is designed to benefit those that want to own a home but can’t currently qualify for a traditional mortgage. If you have bad credit, experienced a divorce, declared bankruptcy, are self employed, or anything else resulting in the inability to get approved for a mortgage, we can help! Our programs are tailored to fit any situation.

How does a lease purchase or rent to own program work?

All properties will require at least 3.5% as a down payment and that is credited against your purchase price. You then pay a monthly lease payment which will typically include taxes and insurance. 

Down payment assistance is available if you are able to meet a minimum of 50% of the down payment price. The difference can be financed through additional payments made on a monthly basis. We accept borrowed funds for closing. You may also be eligible to withdraw from your pension or 401K plan.  

Once you’ve completed an interest form, viewed the property, and completed a Next Steps form, you will go through our final screening process. Once approved for our program, you will talk with our approved partners and set up a game plan to get you on track to become a home owner. We have helped many people in similar situations and can help you too! 

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