Cosmetic South Lexington gem! Loved transforming this space using lighter colors to brighten everything up and bring it back to life. The pops of color in the bathroom and kitchen really gave this property a new personality.

722 Biskoff

This backyard was one for the books! Not only did it offer a great fenced in area and patio, the property backed up to a large horse farm. In addition, we had a lot of fun incorporating some fun designs in this kitchen and bathroom! 

3781 Kings Glen Park

Partnering on this project was an opportunity we really enjoyed! This property didn’t need much but we had a blast adding in some unique details to spruce up the design.

Early summer brought us back to Georgetown for this project. We simplified the design and made this cozy space feel open, clean and spacious. 

Just from the exterior of this property, a little bit of work goes a LONG way! This property received a complete transformation inside and out.

Continuing our work up the street from 1198 Liggett, we clean out this property and restored it to it’s full potential. This bathroom is still one of our favorites!

This property in Lexington included a lot of creative brainstorming. We created a new layout for the kitchen, incorporated barn doors to hide the laundry area off the main living, and so much more.

We started off the year with a flip in Georgetown, KY. This property was in need of a lot of TLC.